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Invoice Control
Use MISEC's Invoice Control service to help control your utiility costs and increase your energy savings.

MISEC - Your Partner in Energy Management

Take command of your energy costs with your local school’s energy expert, the Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC).

  • Formed in 1997 by MASA, MAISA, MASB, MSBO and Middle Cities.
  • Designed to manage the natural gas and electric procurement of Michigan’s educational community.
  • The MISEC program is the largest program of its type in the United States.
  • MISEC is a recognized entity that represents the energy interests of the educational community in Michigan.
  • Managed by an Executive Committee of Superintendents, Business and Facility Mangers from various districts and community colleges.
  • MISEC always acts in the best interests of its members.

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MISEC Resource Advisor - Training Webinars Available!

Resource Advisor, MISEC's online energy data management portal, is now available at no cost to most participating members of MISEC. We truly believe you will like the look, feel and functionality of this award-winning platform.

We have planned a series of online training sessions so you can get the most from Resource Advisor:

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